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Staff Suggestion Scheme

Staff Suggestion Scheme: EPC has implemented many staff suggestions over the last few years. This encourages the staff to become a core part of the business, sharing their ideas and being rewarded for their involvement.

The Staff …

Dörken Coatings

Where innovation, reliability and performance converge to redefine the standards of surface protection. Here we will explore the features, benefits and applications that make Dörken Coatings indispensable across several industries.

A legacy of Excellence:

Dörken Coatings, with its …

Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc Nickel Plating involves depositing a layer of Zinc-Nickel alloy onto a substrate, typically iron or steel. This electroplating process entails the immersion of the substrate into an electrolyte solution containing dissolved zinc and nickel ions. …

Meet our Machine Operative Dave

Our Machine Operative Dave has 18 years’ experience under his belt at EPC. In this time, Dave has learnt the inner workings of each and every machine found throughout our Walsall site.

His long-term service and impressive …

Benefits of using electric chargers across all industries!

For many years EPC has always strived to become more Eco-friendly for the greater good of society!

With modernised electric cars becoming the new norm, the Electrolytic Plating Company has recognised that by installing several electric chargers …

EPC’s Newest Driver Jas

EPC’s newest driver Jas has been an incredible addition to the team!

Having joined us with great enthusiasm, Jas has already become an essential member of EPC’s keen fleet of drivers, delivering the finest goods and service …

Sidasa Line Excels!

EPC’s robotic friend (otherwise known as Roxy) continues to meet all our customer demands and requirements in fast succession.

Coming up to 4 years of service, Roxy remains a reliable and essential component in our factory. Running …

Latest updates for Nyseal

The latest updates for Nyseal: Offered under license by our friends at Nylok, Nyseal is used to seal against pressure, various solutions and gases.

The slick green coating helps to differentiate our Nyseal from the vibrant blue shade of Tuflok.

Upon …

Degreasing of stainless steel parts made easy!

Meet EPC’s Degreasing Machine (otherwise known as the Dolfin), this piece of hardware is no joke when it comes to effective job output.

Being employed with the Electrolytic Plating Company for over 3 years, the Dolfin has …

Latest lorry lease from Allports Group

The Electrolytic Plating Company is delighted to announce that we have extended the lease on our 12-tonne lorry for the ongoing future!

Servicing our fleet of lorries every 6 weeks is vital to maintain the highest safety …