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Zinc Coating

Zinc Flake Coating

Zinc flake coatings offer a high corrosion protection system using combinations of specialised base and top coats for exacting bulk components. It is applied using the so-called dip spin process.

Embraced largely by the fastener industry, zinc flake coatings are widespread and utilised within a variety of high-performance applications such as automotive, aerospace, alternative energy and construction.

Both organic and inorganic coating systems are available offering excellent protection from mechanical and chemical impact. When combined with other processes, the zinc flake system is clearly superior to comparable systems.

The baking temperatures vary from 180 – 250 celsius depending on manufacturers and products. The finishes available are completely Cr ( V1 ) free and fulfil global automotive requirements.

EPC are licensed applicators of DoerkenMagni & Atotech systems.

Zinc Alloy Plating

Used by industry when corrosion protection is required that is superior to standard zinc plating. Zinc nickel (zinc alloy or barrel plating) is the choice for high performance coatings in automotive applications and widely utilised in various applications.

Zinc alloy coatings (otherwise known as zinc nickel or barrel plating) are usually deposited on ferrous substrates to enhance their bulk properties and protection from corrosion. The preferred alloy composition of zinc nickel plating is 12-15% nickel with the remainder being zinc.

EPC operate various passivation & sealing systems over zinc nickel to enhance greater barrier protection and utilise zinklad system of chemicals by MacDermid in our zinc alloy process.

Zinc Plating

EPC specialise in barrel application of small components such as fasteners and pressings in meeting OEM and global specifications. The barrel application explains why zinc plating is also known as barrel plating.

Traditionally electrolytically deposited zinc forms the basis ensuring sacrificial protection of the substrate material.

Whilst using an alkaline zinc electrolyte, this enables excellent deposit in low current areas ensuring excellent corrosion characteristics.

Enhancement of passivation & sealing systems increases barrier protection at a competitive market value. EPC utilise zinklad system of chemicals by MacDermid in our zinc plating process.