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Introducing our Night Shift Supervisor Bittu!

Meet Pawanjit (Bittu), our Night Shift Supervisor and valued member of the team. Recently Bittu joined a small number of personnel within EPC’s 20 years’ club, which celebrates the loyalty and longevity that our staff have …

Zinc Flake remains most favourable!

Zinc flake coatings offer a high corrosion protection structure using combinations of specialised base and topcoats for exacting bulk elements. It is applied using EPC’s trusty dip-spin process.

Used largely by the fastener industry, Zinc flake coatings …

‘Lets get Buzzy’

EPC are proud to present our newest member of the vehicle fleet family.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz will be a key asset in the delivery of goods from US to YOU.

With its striking black exterior, the Buzz …

Noteworthy Nyseal

Nyseal is offered under license by Nylok. Being used to seal against pressure, various solutions and gases.

The green coating helps to differentiate our Nyseal from the vibrant blue shade of Tuflok.

Nyseal has the benefit of being …

Zinc Nickel Becomes Notable!

Here at The Electrolytic Plating Company, one of our most used finishes is Zinc Nickel. Typically applied where specifiers want the highest performance with the lowest deposit thickness.

We are licenced applicators of Zinklad 1000 Silver & …

Our MD Andy returns to Porsche Club Championship

Andy has previously raced and won the Porsche championship but has been absent for a few years due to personal circumstances. This year he is back with a mission!

RindtRacing have offered him a free seat in …

Contact number altered at Aldridge Site


EPC would like to inform our customers and colleagues of an immediate change taking place.

From this week onwards, for those wanting to speak with our Thread Locking & Sealing Division Manager Simon and/or the Aldridge …

Phosphate Line proves its longevity

For those who are not familiar with the Phosphate line, adhesion phosphates can be used as a stand-alone overlay, typically listed as a conversion coating since the process uses metal removal as part of the reaction.

The …

One True Blue (Tuflok)

‘Have you got a screw loose? Yes! Then our answer is One-True-Blue.’

Tuflok, a self-locking element comprised of Nylon, can be permanently bonded onto the threads of a fastener. Being a reusable (up-to 5 times) yet adjustable …