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Staff suggestion scheme sparks great ideas

Staff suggestion scheme sparks great ideas

EPC’s staff suggestion scheme is creating some brilliant solutions for the business.

Encouraging staff to share their ideas, the scheme prompted a group of four of our most experienced staff (Mal Jones, Wayne Arblaster, Marcel Beres and David Stokes) to get their heads together.

They came up with an idea to create efficiencies of time and money on a repetitive but essential cleaning task on our dip spin coating line. You know the one – dip, spin, clean, repeat…

The new process was tested and proven to work and has since been fully implemented. Our appreciation and acknowledgement of their smart thinking has been fully expressed to all of them.

Another recent suggestion was made by night shift supervisor Bittu in order to help make one of our production lines more efficient.

Taking the initiative, he trialled his idea, which also proved to be a success. It has effectively streamlined one of our processes whilst also retaining our requirements for high quality production.

Well done Bittu; many thanks for your efforts. We can’t wait to see what the next bright idea will be!