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Staff Suggestion Scheme Excels

Staff Suggestion Scheme Excels

Staff suggestion scheme excels! Number 4 has now been received and is up and running at EPC!

Jas our newest driver recently had a money saving idea! This involves the bulk purchase of AdBlue, which our fleet of vehicles utilize on a regular basis. Enabling for cheaper purchase in the long term.

We were more than happy to reward Jas with his incredible idea. In doing so, this sparking suggestion should hopefully encourage others to do the same and help grow the business.

We want to send out a huge appreciation for spotting the potential for EPC to make major savings alongside flagging this up with our management team. Congratulations Jas! It’s incredible to see improvements being observed and implemented!

To learn more about this topic: New staff suggestions scheme – EPC (epcltd.co.uk)

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