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Meet Richard – our chemicals expert

Meet Richard – our chemicals expert

Richard has worked for EPC for over 15 years – like a lot of our staff he has stayed with us and grown with the business.

He started out on packing, then gained experience of the phosphate and zinc lines before moving on to post-treatment and then on to the testing lab 5 years ago.

Richard utilises his lab skills to analyse chemical samples against set procedures and ensure effluent is running to the correct parameters as well as being responsible for chemical stock control.

His role ensures there is no chemical down time on the lines and that finished product is to the correct specification.

Richard enjoyed science back in school and he’s pleased to have progressed with EPC so that his work now taps into this area of interest.

Richard’s dad, brothers, cousin, uncle and a couple of friends have all worked (and still work) at EPC, so he’s in good company when he’s on site!

When he’s not at work or on call he enjoys spending time with his family (Natalie, Paige and Morgan) who live near Cannock, as well as fishing and gaming.

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