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The season’s flown by

The season’s flown by

The 23-week pigeon season will be drawing to a close soon and no one will be happier than Jamie’s wife Lisa who shares the family home and Jamie’s affections with 200 odd pigeons!

It’s been a mixed season for Jamie, whose birds race from Rushall. Pigeons can fly up to 500 miles per race with only a few seconds in overall performance to claim the winning prize.

They land back home to special scanning pads which clock their performance off their leg ring.

Avidly supported by the EPC team, there have been racing wins in all departments throughout the seasons but the year has produced no double winners!

Jamie’s top performing bird of the year has been Speckled Jim, named after his good self of course. There’s just a few more opportunities left this season for him to bring a big win home for Jamie and EPC!

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