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EPC’s sustainable energy strategy

EPC’s sustainable energy strategy

EPC will be working closely with business utility consultancy Inenco on an ‘Analyse & Act’ energy reduction programme. Inenco help manufacturers build their energy and environmental sustainability strategies through actionable insight.

Analyse & Act is based on a focused analysis of data to identify wasted energy, with the aim of reducing consumption. We will be working on the programme over a three-year period to help realise targeted energy reduction.

Analyse & Act has three main areas – data analysis / reporting, site surveys, and energy awareness.  Within that, EPC expects our energy saving to come from staff education, operational efficiencies and the introduction of new technology.

Over the period 2016 to 2018, EPC’s efficiency saw significant improvements in KW/h per tonne of work produced, and this will be used as our bench mark going forward.

As the programme evolves we will share more details of how the whole business is getting behind the drive for efficiency and sustainability.