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Degreasing of stainless steel parts made easy!

Degreasing of stainless steel parts made easy!

Meet EPC’s Degreasing Machine (otherwise known as the Dolfin), this piece of hardware is no joke when it comes to effective job output.

Being employed with the Electrolytic Plating Company for over 3 years, the Dolfin has become a essential component in the degreasing of day-to-day jobs.

Manned by our Machine Operative Dave, the Dolfin has shown to drastically improve output efficiency while sustaining the highest quality for customer jobs.

Being utilised to its full potential, grade 10.9/12.9 & stainless-steel parts will enter the Dolphin through a funnel, where they are filtered into the drum, here the parts are immersed into a heated solution to remove grease & oil and exit via the tail. Finally, customer parts are either shot blasted or dispatched to the coating lines.

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