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Roxy continues to impress

Roxy continues to impress

Meet Roxy! EPC’s finest and friendliest robotic dip spin line on hand, here to meet all our customer demands and queries in quick succession.

Supplied to us by our trusted supplier Sidasa. The dip spin line itself applies corrosion resistant coatings to various components (Magni & Dorken) and is fed by Roxy, completing a planetary motion and working up-to 7 baskets at a time, giving an hourly throughput of 4 tonnes.

Running the Sidasa line has become a full-time job, working around the clock (no lunch breaks needed), all day every day. Roxy is a valued member of the team, having now served EPC for over 3 years she remains a reliable and essential component in our factory.

Here at EPC, we are committed each and every day to the health and well-being of our employees and delivering what is needed to our valued customers and their supply chains. For this reason, Roxy bears the colour yellow, representing caution and being highly visible, enabling 2 respected members of the EPC team (Darryl & Raj) to maintain necessary safety precautions.