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There’s no seal like Nyseal

There’s no seal like Nyseal

We’re seeing a growing demand in our Threadlocking & Sealing Division for Nyseal under-the-head sealant.
This is a superb cost-effective gasket alternative, creating a gasket-type seal (preventing the leakage of fluids and gasses under pressure) but without the labour intensive traditional method of fitting a gasket.

A coating is permanently fused to the bearing surface of a fastener which compresses to fill the void as it is screwed into final position with its mating part.

The process is resistant to most chemicals and temperatures and with an indefinite shelf life, provides a unique solution for many industrial, engineering, construction, white goods, automotive and aerospace applications.

Many uses of this product are so cutting-edge they are company-confidential, but to give an idea of how wide the applications can be, a recent customer chose Nyseal under-the-head sealant for their walky-talkies. This ensures they are water proofed against leakage into the handset, for use in hostile environments.

EPC are the sole UK licensee of Nylok and Nyseal innovative products. Contact our Thread Locking & Sealing Division Manager Simon Elwell at selwell@epcltd.co.uk for further information.

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