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New high-tech equipment

New high-tech equipment

Andy, Jamie, Paul and Will visited Sidasa in Barcelona to see revolutionary new equipment in action.

They viewed the robotic coating equipment that is soon to be installed back at the factory and also visited a similarly tech-advanced pre-treatment line to assess performance for the future.

The new robotic coating equipment is due to be installed in August at our facility. This is an addition to current machinery and will act to increase production capacity by half in order to meet customer demand.

The new equipment requires human interaction and doesn’t affect staff, who are required to monitor and manage the line. However, the machinery itself is the most efficient and reliable available, which is great for business.

With one eye on the future, we are additionally looking at installing a new pre-treatment and phosphating line with a view to replacing existing machinery in 2020.

Having his finished A levels, Will is following in his dad’s and granddad’s footsteps by learning all about EPC before heading off to uni in Sept. He made a welcome addition to the team visit.

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