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EPC’s newest companion

EPC’s newest companion

Our most recent and essential part of the EPC family has arrived, ready to help us deliver the best possible service to our customers.

After 5 hard-working years, the recent departure of EPC’s oldest working lorry saw the end of a chapter, but opened a new door to our latest and more innovative wagon, which has quickly become a valuable asset and familiar sight on the road network.

It has been supplied by our commercial vehicle partner Allports and having waited almost a year for the newest addition to our fleet (it became apparent that semi-conductor supply issues have negatively impacted distribution of large asset vehicles) we were keen to see it in action!

Our new wagon has been built to meet current environmental emissions, whilst having the most technically enhanced safety cameras at the ready!

Able to hold 14 tonnes of payload, it does so whilst proudly displaying EPC’s traditional logo and iconic colours of blue and black around its exterior.

Our director Andy has taken a keen interest in the new wagon and clearly looks eager to take a test drive!

With the help of EPC’s entire fleet, we aim to make deliveries in the most innovative yet professional way possible to achieve an excellent service.