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Exciting updates for Tuflok®

Exciting updates for Tuflok®

‘Have you got a screw loose? Yes! Then our answer is One-True-Blue.’

When our Tuflok blue patch (Nylok) is engaged it creates a wedge between the fastener and mating part, which compresses the Nylon, creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. This results in a positive resistance to vibration and loosening. Since Nylon has great memory characteristics this locking element can be reused several times.

With Tuflok being a reusable (up-to 5 times) yet adjustable patch, this enables for better time consumption and efficiency.

We are always thrilled to be part of the Nylok family and extremely happy to say that EPC is licensed by long-time friends at Nylok.

Please contact our Thread Locking & Sealing Division Expert Simon for any Tuflok & Nyseal inquiries: 01922657931

Learn more about Tuflok®: Tuflok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch® – EPC (epcltd.co.uk)