At the forefront of outwork metal finishing for over 100 years.

Dörken makes the difference

Dörken makes the difference

Here at Electrolytic Plating Company Dorken coatings offer solutions for our high-quality surface protection.

EPC uses a Zinc flake coating, utilized throughout the automotive industry for over 30 years, which has shown to provide a number of benefits for customer parts. These include:

Cathodic protection – The sacrificial effect of zinc actively protects the component from environmental and chemical influences.

Low layer thickness – compared to other corrosion protection systems the zinc flake coating is almost invisible.

No stress corrosion cracking – Zinc flake systems are the best choice for high strength steels.

High accuracy of fit – Ideal for components whose standards place high demands on fitting accuracy.

Appearance – Adapting the visual appearance of the zinc flake coating to customer requirements is possible.

Working closely with Dorken has enabled for a transparent and trustworthy partnership to prosper.