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Magni masterclass

Magni masterclass

Electrolytic Plating Company are thrilled to be licenced applicators of #Magni systems. We use coatings to help prolong the service-life and maximise performance of products across various industries.

Magni 560 can be engineered to specific coefficient-of-friction needs. This finish is offered with exempt solvents and often applied to fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, and other hardware.    

Magni 565 is a formulated two-coat system, resistant to automotive fuels and fluids. The finish itself provides superior corrosion protection, making this the preferred option particularly in the automotive industry.

Magni 560 & 565 are chrome-free duplex coatings that combine electroplated zinc and hex-chrome-free passivated substrate with an aluminium-rich organic topcoat. Both can be applied to parts via EPC’s very own dip-spin.

We are certain that our partnership with Magni will continue to thrive as we strive to exceed customer expectations.