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Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc Nickel Plating involves depositing a layer of Zinc-Nickel alloy onto a substrate, typically iron or steel. This electroplating process entails the immersion of the substrate into an electrolyte solution containing dissolved zinc and nickel ions. Through the application of an electric current these ions migrate and adhere to the surface, forming a uniform and protective coating.

Here at The Electrolytic Plating Company, we pride ourselves on processing parts with excellent corrosion resistance, strong alloy distribution and outstanding deposit distribution.

Benefits of Zinc Nickel Plating:

Corrosion Resistance:

Zinc Nickel offers exceptional protection against corrosion, outperforming traditional zinc and cadmium coatings in harsh environments. The synergy between zinc and nickel creates a sacrificial barrier that shields the substrate from corrosive elements, ensuring prolonged durability.

Enhanced Wear Durability:

The inherent hardness enhances the substrates resistance to wear, friction and abrasion, making it ideal for components subjected to mechanical stress or repetitive motion.

Uniform Coating Thickness:

Unlike conventional plating methods, Zinc-Nickel deposition ensures uniform coating thickness even on complex geometrics and intricate surfaces, guaranteeing consistent protection across the entirety of the substrate.

Temperature Stability:

Zinc Nickel exhibits remarkable stability at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for those applications exposed to heat or thermal cycling, such as automotive components and industrial machinery.

Environmentally Friendly:

With the expanding emphasis on sustainability, Zinc Nickel Plating stands out as an environmentally friendly solution, boasting lower toxicity and reduced waste compared to alternatives like cadmium plating.


In the realm of surface finishing, Zinc Nickel Plating emerges as a beacon of excellence, combining the superior corrosion resistance, enhanced wear protection and aesthetic appeal. Its reliability, versatility and environmental compatibility make it the clear coating of choice across diverse industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics and industrial.

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