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Tuflok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch®

Tuflok® Blue Nylon Torq-Patch®

Tuflok®, a self-locking element comprised of Nylon, can be permanently bonded onto the threads of a fastener. Being a reusable (up-to 5 times) yet adjustable patch, enables for better time efficiency. Ensuring orders are collected/delivered to customers in a fast and reliable timeframe.

When the Tuflok® is engaged it creates a wedge between the fastener and mating part compressing the nylon, creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. This contact results in a positive resistance to vibration and loosening.

‘Have you got a screw loose? Yes! Then our answer is One-True-Blue.’

We are extremely proud to say that EPC is licensed by long-time friends at Nylok and we are always happy to be part of the Nylok family.

To learn more about Tuflok®: Exciting updates for Tuflok! – EPC (epcltd.co.uk)

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