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Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning

On top of all the work that is going on to keeping EPC Covid-compliant, we are also in the process of making sure that we are Brexit ready! Never has there been more to do in terms of future-proofing the business and readying ourselves for the new year.

We’ve been analysing government guidelines and applying them to all areas of our work. Most importantly we have ensured continuity of supply of raw materials (chemicals, paints, top coats) directly with our suppliers in Europe, to safeguard the supply chain for our customer base.

Additionally we are working through adopting the correct documentation and procedures, way ahead of time, so that we are ready and able to ship product back to our customers, irrespective of their location.

Each member of the management team is responsible for implementing their own area of knowledge and expertise, and we are meeting regularly as a team (socially distanced of course!), to keep the whole business up to date and ready for action.

As you can imagine this affects the whole way we do business, from shipping documentation and import and export tariffs, to logistical planning and receiving of goods. With all the new systems up and running, we are able to guarantee our usual 24/7 service.

Throughout the entirety of 2020 we have kept our doors open for both customers and staff. We intend this is the case through the rest of this year and into 2021. Thank you to everyone who has played their part to ensure EPC is still in business and serving our customers today.