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Renewing Workers Unique Barcodes

Renewing Workers Unique Barcodes

Renewing workers unique barcodes is crucial to keeping on top of customer jobs!

Batch cards are used to track every stage a customer job will take throughout EPC’s coating and completion process. At each phase, one of our experienced workers will scan their individual login to gain access to EPC’s barcode system on that specific production line.

Whenever Site Manager Jamie requests a job inspection, he can track who signed off on a specific job via EPC’s barcode system.

Therefore, signing each process on and off will provide plenty of specifics for each customer job. This data will coincide with both the operator signature and inspection signature found on the batch card itself, allowing for simpler tracking of each job.

Renewing workers unique barcodes will enable job operations to run more smoothly and improve transparency across the factory floor.

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